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This comprehensive offering blends a range of impactful benefits, guaranteeing prime exposure and engagement across multiple touchpoints.

Embrace the Advantages:

  • Website Logo Mention: Position your brand at the forefront with a captivating logo placement on our website. Engaging visitors from around the world, this digital showcase solidifies your brand's presence and fosters an immediate connection
  • Merchandise Distribution at Events: Immerse event attendees in your brand's essence through personalized merchandise distribution. Leave a tangible impression that resonates long after the event, showcasing your commitment to creating lasting memories.
  • Social Media Post: Capture the attention of our vibrant social media community as we dedicate a feature-rich post to your brand. Share your story, values, and achievements to foster a genuine rapport with our engaged audience.
  • Company Logo on Banner: Elevate your brand's visibility at our events with a commanding logo placement on event banners. As attendees gather beneath your brand's emblem, you'll stand out as a visionary supporter of innovation.
  • Logo on DTech Merchandise: Your brand's logo will grace our sought-after DTech merchandise, reflecting your alignment with cutting-edge progress. This wearable advertisement ensures your logo travels far and wide, sparking conversations and connections.
  • Mentions and Logo on Our Newsletter: Secure a coveted spot in our newsletter, reaching an eager readership that values industry insights and updates. Your brand's logo and mentions will be a beacon of information and inspiration.
  • Job Opportunity Mentions: Spotlight your brand's career opportunities to a captive audience, underscoring your commitment to professional growth. Let your brand be synonymous with advancement and empowerment.

Sponsorship: Gold Package


    In appreciation of your valued sponsorship, we're excited to present you with an AI-generated image that captures the essence of innovation and collaboration. This unique piece symbolizes our partnership and the limitless possibilities we're creating together. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey!

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