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Our premier package offers a fusion of unparalleled benefits designed to elevate your brand's presence and leave a lasting impact. With a focus on maximizing exposure across diverse platforms, this package ensures your brand's story reaches the right audience in the most engaging way possible.

Exclusive Perks Includes:


  • Website Logo Mention: Your brand's logo will prominently grace our website, instantly connecting with our digital visitors. This high-visibility placement guarantees that your logo becomes synonymous with innovation and excellence, amplifying your brand's reach and recognition.
  • Merchandise Distribution at Events: Put your brand directly into the hands of event attendees through exclusive merchandise distribution. This tactile experience creates a memorable association between your brand and quality, leaving a lasting impression that extends beyond the event itself.
  • Social Media Post (Company Insights and Presentation): Prepare for a grand showcase on our dynamic social media platforms. We are dedicated to spotlighting your brand through a comprehensive post, allowing you to share your company's journey, values, and achievements. Our engaged followers will be captivated by your narrative, fostering a genuine connection.
  • Company Logo on Banner: Elevate your brand's presence at our events with your logo featured prominently on event banners. This striking visual element ensures that attendees instantly recognize your brand's support and contribution, adding a touch of prestige to your sponsorship.
  • Logo on DTech Merchandise: Your logo will adorn our coveted DTech merchandise, amplifying your brand's visibility among a dedicated audience. As these items are cherished and showcased, your logo will serve as a badge of association with innovation and tech-savvy values.
  • Job Opportunity Mentions: Unlock the power of our platform to share your latest job openings with a targeted audience. Your brand's commitment to professional growth will shine through as potential candidates engage with your opportunities, reflecting your brand's ethos.

Sponsorship: Silver Package


    In appreciation of your valued sponsorship, we're excited to present you with an AI-generated image that captures the essence of innovation and collaboration. This unique piece symbolizes our partnership and the limitless possibilities we're creating together. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey!

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